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Bad Credit Loans With No Fees & Instant Decisions

We do not carry out any form of credit history check but instead require some alternative information such as, address details, monthly salary and employment history. We understand that many people who are in need of a payday loan require the funds fast, we are passionate at providing a fast and easy application process with funds typically transferred within 15 minutes, which is something that continues to set us apart from other payday loan lenders.

The data used to inform your credit score ranges from bank account information, to address history and court records. A bad credit score basically means that, based on the data collected by a particular credit reference agency, you have an element loans for people with bad credit of risk against you that a lender considers when determining whether to provide you with credit or not. In most instances of bad credit scores, it’s unlikely that mainstream finance providers will accept your application for finance.

Should you choose to accept the loan offer you receive, we’ll transfer the funds to your bank account within the same day. Usually it’s within the hour and some loans are transferred within 10 minutes of you accepting the application. If you want quick loans with no credit checks then there really is nobody better than Emu! We understand that when you want a loan there is a pressing need and time is of the essence. We aim to provide you with a loan as quickly as humanly possible and we will endeavor to do everything in our power to make that happen.

Can I pre-qualify with a soft credit check? Most lenders will pre-qualify you for a loan with only a soft credit check This allows you to see your rate and monthly payment before the loan is approved. For final approval, most lenders require a hard credit check, which can lower your credit score. OneMain and Mariner Finance , two large bad-credit lenders, do only hard credit checks. They also require an in-person visit to complete a loan application.

The lenders in under scrutiny are likely to include a number of specialist subprime car finance companies which are notorious for taking on buyers with bad credit histories and charging them higher than normal interest rates. These kind of car loans have increased in the UK as the car market has become more and more addicted to Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) finance deals that can secure customers a new car for a limited deposit and low monthly payments.

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